Rugged communications platform for vehicles with LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Multi-service communications platform
  • Multiple simultaneous WAN; aggregation and balance
  • Power supply protection – MTBF improvements
  • Geo-fencing: GPS-based dynamic configuration
  • Isolation of standard-based services
  • Manageable power OFF to save battery
  • Turnkey WiFi solution (Management and HotSpot)

ADSL/VDSL connection Annex A
ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 compatibility. This interface can be initially disabled to reduce costs when not required. It can be enables later, even remotely.

Gigabit Ethernet WAN connection
Auto detectable 10/100/1000 speed.This interface can be initially disabled to reduce costs when it is not required. It can be enabled later, even remotely.

3G or 3G/4G connection
4G-LTE wireless access is the perfect backup medium as it uses different infrastructure to fixed connections. You can utilize 4G-LTE and fixed connections simultaneously for load-balancing purposes.

4 x GE switch
The built-in switch is ideal for small offices because it eliminates the need for an external switch, thus reducing costs and points of failure. GE, duplex and self-negotiable ports.

Wi-Fi access point
With the Teldat-V, you also have the option of an 802.11n Wi-Fi access point (2.4/5 GHz) with 2×2 MIMO antenna technology and external access point controller. Includes SSID support for guests and a captive portal.

Security: Firewall, IPSec, etc.
Corporate communications require corporate security. The Teldat-V provides free of charge state-of-the-art security: ACLs, Firewall, 802.1x, IPSec with hardware encryption, etc.

VoIP server
Complete SIP server with basic SBC (session border controller) included by default. It can be used to isolate/conceal the internal voice network, to improve voice security and for survival purposes.

Advanced services
The Teldat-V includes an IP switching engine that has all the advanced functions needed in corporate networks and operator services, ready for the most demanding scenarios like MPLS and managed services.

No fan. Silent
Lack of space in small offices means that routers have to be placed in the work area. The Teldat-V is specially designed for such enviroments. Since the router does not need a fan, it does not produce any noise.

Console port
Operator/integrator managed services require out-of-band management to prevent them from interfering with customer network. The console port is the most common method.

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